Image Hijacker

Block Unwanted Programs from Running on Your PC.

Block Unwanted Programs from Running on Your PC.

"Image Hijacker" can help you protect your Program from unwanted Access, Block Unwanted Services, Block Unwanted Programs, etc.

In the ‘Image Hijacker’ tab, you can select the image name for your application, entering it by hand, while in the lower text field, you can define the tool to hijack it with. Clicking on ‘Add’ will list in the dedicated panel, enabling you to work with it later on. The ‘Extras’ help you further customize its functioning.

"Fake Message" section allows you to generate Fake Message when a user access a Program.

"Service Blocker" feature helps you prevent the running of certain services.

"PUP Blocker" can make sure potentially dangerous software do not run on your computer.

- It's FREE, so you don't need to pay any cost.

- This program was "Easy to Use" because it has User Friendly Interface.

- This program was Portable so you can bring it Anywhere.

Image Hijacker


Image Hijacker 2016.4